Cosmetic Dentistry

Our Cosmetic Dentistry Services Can Make Your Teeth Beautiful Again.

Dr. Partrick is experienced at cosmetic dentistry, and offers a variety of cosmetic dentistry solutions to help you improve the aesthetics of your teeth and your smile. In addition to the placement of white fillings (bonding) or composites, he provides ceramic veneers and tooth whitening. Ceramic veneers are a great option for the correction of limited aesthetic challenges. Tooth reduction is very minor and it can restore teeth to very nice contours.

Dr. Partrick’s tooth whitening treatment is ideal for removing years of hard-to-remove stains, caused by coffee, tea, wine, and all foods that can get into the small crevices of teeth. With a 2-week home bleaching therapy, tooth shades can be dramatically lightened. Dr. Partrick consults with patients to discuss expectations about the bleaching process.

In addition, Dr. Partrick can provide consultative advice to patients who are using the new dental sleep appliances. When used properly and monitored closely, the appliances can provide an excellent alternative to bulky CPAP machines. For patients suffering from chronic grinding and clenching habits, Dr. Partrick can fabricate an appliance that will provide relief, and depending on the case, may also provide symptomatic relief of temporomandiblar dysfunction, commonly known as “TMJ”.