Routine Preventive Dentistry

Preventive Dentistry Is The Essence Of Our Practice.

Notably, at the dental office Dr. Jeremiah N. Partrick, Jr., proper hygiene instructions are reinforced. A significant emphasis is placed on patient education, so that patients will be able to develop healthy dental habits. Dr. Partrick is pleased to provide services to both adults and children.

Routine preventive services are the heart and soul of Dr. Partrick’s dental practice. With the understanding that dental diseases are preventable, Dr. Partrick focuses on providing general dentistry services that help patients to maintain healthy teeth and gums, while preventing disease. Dr. Partrick provides standard exams and cleanings. He also provides topical fluoride gels and varnishes, which are particularly effective for sensitive teeth. Additionally,

our practice uses digital x-rays, which enhance both convenience and safety for patients—patient exposure to radiation is typically cut in half with digital radiography. As part of the comprehensive examinations, oral cancer screenings are also provided.

Dr. Partrick enjoys seeing children, and he and our entire office team make the exam a very easy experience for them. Sealants, which are a white resin barrier similar to white fillings, are often provided to prevent cavities in many situations. Dr. Partrick also provides simple fillings for minor cavities, as well as pediatric caps for larger cavities. In addition, Dr. Partrick provides a number of interceptive orthodontic services, such as space maintainers.